• Strategic and Transactional Tax Advisory
    Advisory Services
    Our strategic & transactional tax advisory services offering
    includes tax due diligence, lobbying tax authorities and
    obtaining investment deduction Allowances.
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
    Experience in resolving tax disputes
    “...in a taxing Act clear words are necessary in order to tax the subject...
    in a taxing Act one has to look merely at what is clearly said. There is no reason
    for any intendment...” ~ Ronlat J in CAPE BRANDY SYNDICATE case.
  • Compliance
    Tax compliance is the beginning of tax planning.
    Our service offering include compliance with Business Tax, Value Added Tax,
    Personal Income Tax, Expatriate Tax and Agency Taxes.
  • Wealth Management
    As an Authorized Agent of Nabo Capital,
    we help you to maintain and increase your wealth based
    on your individual financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk.
    Nabo Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of
    Centum Investment involved in Asset Management.

Advisory Services

Strategic and Transactional Tax Advisory
Enterprise strategic shifts and major non-routine transactions are fraught with tax and compliance risks. read more →
Operational Tax Advisory
Direct and indirect taxes aggregate to substantial costs of doing business. Tax costs can be compounded by penalties and interest for non-compliance since penalties and interest are not deductible against taxable income. read more →


Our tax compliance services offering include advise on timing and amounts of taxes payable, computation of tax as well as preparation and filing of returns. We also advise on other regulatory compliance including statutory deductions, labour laws, Occupational Safety and Health as well as Local Authorities regulations.

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We offer customized tax trainings according to your specific tax and regulatory needs. Our training helps management and operational staff to achieve high levels of compliance as well as take advantage of tax optimisation opportunities.

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Wealth Management

Our solutions in wealth management will enable you to grow your net-worth; start/ grow your business; invest in a big ticket items like a home or a car; establish alternative income streams; provide for loved ones’ education or advance yours;...

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Brief intro

Starlings Muchiri and Samuel Karanja founded EATC in 2012

EATC aims to be the leading tax, financial and legal consulting firm in the East African region, respected for commitment to customer needs, professionalism and reliability.

EATC’s purpose is to assist clients to manage their tax, financial and legal risks for an optimal return on investment resulting in sustainable enterprise growth.

The Directors draw on their academic backgrounds, professional qualifications and industry experience to provide value adding financial and legal solutions to business challenges.

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