Strategic and Transactional Tax Advisory

Enterprise strategic shifts and major non-routine transactions are fraught with tax and compliance risks.

We work with management to evaluate tax risks of key decisions including setting up new operations, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and expansion of operations.

Our strategic & transactional tax advisory services offering includes tax due diligence, lobbying tax authorities and obtaining investment deduction Allowances.

Operational Tax Advisory

Direct and indirect taxes aggregate to substantial costs of doing business. Tax costs can be compounded by penalties and interest for non-compliance since penalties and interest are not deductible against taxable income.

Organisations that optimise tax expenses throughout the value chain remain competitive in their industries and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Our first step in helping our customers to optimise tax expenditure is to carry out a tax and compliance risks and opportunities review. Once the risks and opportunities are identified, we follow up with the enterprise to implement tax optimisation strategies for both direct and indirect taxes.

Our operational tax advisory services offering includes documenting and implementing transfer pricing policies, tax planning for corporate income tax, tax planning for personal income tax, tax planning for agency taxes, recovering Value Added Tax credits and Customs Duty planning.

Tax Dispute Resolution

“…in a taxing Act clear words are necessary in order to tax the subject… in a taxing Act one has to look merely at what is clearly said. There is no reason for any intendment…” ~ Ronlat J in CAPE BRANDY SYNDICATE case.

Powers of taxation powers are exercised by public administration bodies. The taxation process is inherently adversarial.

In case of a tax dispute, our team of tax Attorneys and Agents is well equipped to file and prosecute your tax appeal at the Tax Appeals Tribunal, the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Our team is also experienced in resolving tax disputes with the Revenue Authorities through the formal Alternative Dispute Resolution process.