About EATC

Starlings Muchiri and Samuel Karanja founded EATC in 2012.

The founding directors were motivated by the desire to provide personalized, specialized and practical tax services to help enterprises stay profitable and create value for all stakeholders.

The Directors draw on their academic backgrounds, professional qualifications and industry experience to provide value adding financial and legal solutions to business challenges.

Vision And Mission

EATC aims to be the leading tax, financial and legal consulting firm in the East African region, respected for commitment to customer needs, professionalism and reliability.

EATC’s purpose is to assist clients to manage their tax, financial and legal risks for an optimal return on investment resulting in sustainable enterprise growth.

  • Experienced Staff - Consultants from Legal and Financial backgrounds, with experience in servicing customers in the East African Region.
  • Guiding Values - Commitment to clients needs, reliability, innovation.
  • Value Adding Relationships - Cultivated good relationships with tax authorities, other government institutions, professional associations for speedy turnaround.
  • Ethical Practice - Adhere to Professionalism, Confidentiality and Integrity when dealing with client matters.